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Sorting a quarter of missing vendor bills

Sorting a quarter of missing vendor bills

Case Description:

A client approached us with a quarter’s worth of missing vendor bills because of which she was unable to file her taxes. She had a race against time and tax compliances at the time she approached us.

Problem Assessment and Solution:

After the first call, we asked her to send all her financial documents so that we could assess both the intangible as well as apparent loopholes in her transactions.

The first step was to mark down all the spots and transactions where the vendor bill transactions were not present. Once, we figured that bit out, the next step was to get her Accounts Payable in order and seek bills from her vendors.

We tracked them down and logged them all in an automatic system while sending her reports on all that we were doing every 15 days.

Add, to that came the next task of reconciling all the newly acquired transactional data with her present records.

It all in all took our team of bookkeepers a total of 30 days to do a quarter’s worth of Vendor reconciliation and accounts payable services.

In fact, this was enough of a kickstart for her to extend her Bookkeeping business to us.

We are now handling all of her Vendor bill posts and accounts payables for the whole year!

A 5 Year Bookkeeping Lag Cleared In 3 Months!

A 5 Year Bookkeeping Lag Cleared In 3 Months!

Case Description:

A client came to us with a unique case. She had not filed her taxes for 5 years. As she was battling cancer, the time passed without her reconciling her finances, missing vendor payments and generating invoices.

Problem Assessment and Solution:

She began with us on a trial and as we understood her case, our starting concern was to clean her books, that were not updated for the last 5 years.

We were able to clear out a 5 year lag in bookkeeping in just 3 months!

During the process, we realized that her books had a lot of errors. For which our CFO’s who was dedicated to her case, sought solutions.

She was either missing transactions, or they had been linked to the wrong account.

We got her books updated and running.

When we began with her, she had her share of doubts. Primarily because all whom she had visited before us, told her that her case was very difficult to solve and retrieve.

It was us, who ever since the beginning were sure that with the right approach and a streamlined strategy, her 5-year lag could be speeded up and brought to pace.

Once she saw her books clear, she realized that she could see herself grow and expand back again.

She later extended her entire bookkeeping render to us and we took over all the tasks that could add to her financial health. Be it- Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Reconciliation Services, Payroll as well as Tax Preparation and Filing.

She now relies on us totally!