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Why Choose us

We want you to choose us and we want to tell you why.

Save Time and Money!


Regulate Your Finances


Enjoy Tax Benefits


Get an industry professional for your business

Our team of accounting experts make sure that you get the most out of your finances.

Benefit from an unbiased opinion

A third party bookkeeper means that you get crucial insights, both negative and positive that might otherwise get overlooked.

Grow your business operations without worry

We understand that with business expansions your accounting needs expand as well. We cover all changes in this growth.

Make Smarter Business Decisions

With your current financial position in front of you, get ready to make informed business decisions.

Enjoy Cash Management Benefits

Monitored finances means better cash inflow and a cut down on funds shrinkage.

Gain from maintaining records and budget monitoring
Stay at the top of your accounting game. You no more have to face year-end anxiety!

Data and Security

We ensure that we take the best in class measures as far as Data Security goes, following all IRS Recommendations and being GDPR Compliant at all stages of our functioning.

We deal with your information including financial data and tax records so we always try to be extra vigilant at all times. Keeping our clients’ information completely secured is of paramount importance for us. By implementing the best possible security mechanism, we protect your data from both internal mistakes and external threats.


We do the best work in our market and it is not us that say that. It is our list of happy clients who are more than generous to leave us a review about our services.

Our clients are the lifeblood of Ledger Bench. We not only organize your finances. Our team works in a way that we also become a part of your business. Ledger Bench wants you to succeed as much as you do. Enough said! We let our satisfied clients tell our success story.

Case Studies

Outsourcing works for all shapes and sizes. Our case studies clearly highlight this point, showing how exactly businesses of all shapes and sizes benefitted by outsourcing their accounting operations to us.

Want to know how our clientele has benefitted from our cutting edge accounting services? With our accounting and bookkeeping services case studies we tried to show how we made huge differences to businesses regardless of their size or the industry they are dealing in. 

Join the growing business owners who trust us with their Books! Contact us today!

How do we connect?

We will schedule a consultation with one of our experts who can connect via email/ phone/skype or a tool of your choice. It's 100% free and comes without any commitments. We will try to give the best advice and answer your questions to the best of our knowledge, hoping you choose us as your accounting & bookkeeping vendor.

We want to learn about your business and the current pain points. We walk you through how we can help your business save money, stay compliant, and avoid any penalties.
We will tell you about the processes we follow and how we can work together profitably.

Who will handle my work?

We have a qualified team of CAs, CPAs, and Bookeepers who are also QBO, Xero etc certified to take care of your work.

Rest assured, your work is in safe hands, and we guarantee security and confidentiality of your data!

Hire an expert team for your bookkeeping needs!