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Audit Support

We’ll provide your auditor the support he needs

Audit Support

Audit Support requires furnishing financial records and supporting documentation to auditors while assisting in the development of various process cycle memorandums, walkthroughs and inquiries. This doesn’t mean that you need a crash course of financials to be able to catch up to your auditor (Let us do all the catching up while you focus on the development parts of your business).


  • Furnish Financial Records
  • Furnish Supporting Documentation
  • Assisting in development of Process Cycle Memorandums
  • Assisting in development of Procedural Walk-throughs
  • Responding to auditor’s inquiries
  • Documentation of auditors work papers
  • Participation in audit status meetings.

About this Process

Audit support includes providing financial records and supporting documentation to auditors, assisting in the development of process cycle memorandums, procedural walk-throughs, and responding to various inquiries to assist the auditor with the development and documentation of their work papers.

The audit support practices undertaken by Ledger Bench not only assist you, but make sure that your business continues to stay matched with the internal and external compliance requirements. We help identify the gap points, potential issues and the actual effectiveness of the controls in the business. Our team assists in scheduling, planning, managing, reporting and verifying your audits at every stage of the process. We will help provide you the end to end, comprehensive support you need for your audit. So that you can not only meet the internal expectations of your business’ financial standing and efficiency but also drive exceptional business performance for your organization.


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Ledger Bench provides complete end to end audit support services. This includes furnishing financial records and supporting documents to auditors while assisting in the development of various process cycle memorandums, walkthroughs and inquiries. You can sit back and relax while we take care of all the financials to support your audit. A business’ landscape is constantly evolving therefore understanding your current financial position and future forecasts is important. 

An audit can be beneficial to your business’ efficiency, management, profitability and enhanced operations. We, at Ledger Bench aim to be your partners in support, reactiveness and vigilance during audits. 

Apart from comprehensible and actionable assistance, our list of audit support services includes:

          Our team organizes a pre-audit assessment, before the audit, to identify the gap areas and rectify them

          We undertake the detailed examination of every ledger to make sure no mistake goes unidentified.

          Furnishing actionable financial records that are beneficial to your audit.

          Our team also furnishes any supporting documentation and reports that are a necessity to the audit.

          We assist in the development of process cycle memorandums for your organization.

          For any enquiries that are put forth by the auditor, it is our team that responds actionably.

          Consequently, our team also collates all of the auditor’s working papers.

          Our team has complete and active participation in all of the audit status meetings.

          Our team aims to provide solutions at each point as mentioned by the auditors in their audit checklist.

          We make sure that the schedule set by the company for the closure of the date of the audit is met.

          Our team also engages in a continuous discussion with the auditors, to make sure the pending enquiries, if any are met to the best of our abilities.