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Payroll management for a firm with 300+ employees

by Apr 20, 2020Case Studies

Client Overview:

Client D needed payroll for his firm of 300 employees. 

Problem Statement

  • Client did not possess the requisite knowledge required to process payroll.
  • Plus going for a licensed payroll software was cost intensive for them.
  • With employees on different pay scales and varying wages, collating the payroll of 300 employees accurately for each pay period was not feasible anymore.
  • Dedicated people to run payroll every month and not enough work was too costly


  • We undertook the client’s entire responsibility for payroll.
  • We switched them a to a new Payroll Management platform that could also be linked to their bank accounts and only run after their approval each month
  • We also undertook the responsibility to liaise with third party agencies like IRS.
  • As we processed the payroll on our licensed software, all our client was required to do was fill and return our customized employer and employee data checklists.
  • The data was collected and processed by our payroll team within 24 hours.
  • Henceforth, after all, things being in order, we delivered in-depth payroll reports back via our secure FTP portal, where our client could download them.


  • The client’s payroll of his entire team of 300 employees was successfully undertaken by us.
  • The client reported us that our structure pipeline, saved him thousands of dollars he would have otherwise spent on payroll software license, upgrades, and staff salaries and training.

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