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2 Years of Bank Reconciliation Completed in 45 Days!

by Apr 23, 2020Case Studies

Case Description:

A client came to us with missing bank reconciliation records for 2 years. She had hired a CPA for that period, who was responsible for filing her taxes, but he had not reconciled her bank accounts in that phase and therefore the tax filings were also ambiguous.

Problem Assessment and Solution:

Now, this was a unique case as when the client came to us for bookkeeping, we as the protocol goes, asked her for all her financial documents. It was when she had sent them over did we figure out a lot of missing bank transactions that were completely absent from any financial recording.

This is when she brought it to our notice, that it was her CPA, who was responsible for dealing with the reconciliation as well as the filings that we thought the priority issue to be dealt with was getting the reconciliation done and matching the records with the bank statements.

2 years of organization and tracking the transactions with the bank is a tedious task but with the streamlining of our team and a clear vision of the tasks at hand, we were able to complete everything in a matter of 45 days.

It was then that all her statements were balanced, matched and reconciled.

We have been handling her reconciliation services since!

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